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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  July 15, 2009 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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do not forget to go to and tell us about the social security dance party. bill o'reilly is next. good night. bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight -- >> the white race is a race of devils. bill: are white men in power evil? "the new york times" is a provocative column today discussing that. we'll present the evidence. >> the inquiry into the death of mr. jackson is continuing. bill: california authorities are now classifying the death of michael jackson as a possible homicide. we'll have the latest on that. >> oh, my god. here we go. bill: and dennis miller has some thoughts on jackson, judge sotomayor, and sarah palin quitting. >> go, factor, go, factor! bill: caution, you are about to enter the no-spin zone. "the factor" begins right now. [captioning made possible by fox news channel]
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captioned by the national captioning institute bill: i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. evil white men, that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. as you may know, if you criticize a minority group in america, you will be labeled a bigot. if you criticize a woman, say, helen thomas, you might be labeled a sexist. but if you hammer white men, you could wind up with a great media job. enter "new york times" columnist maureen dowd, a pew itser prize winner for her columns excoriating president clinton. miss dowd is one of the few columnists who writes interesting stuff whether you agree with her or not. her view emembraces the politically correct left-wing point of view. it doesn't make her a bad person. it's just what she believes. ed to mace dowd did america a big favor by writing a column entitled "white man's last stand" in defense of sonia sotomayor. she stated basically what the new york times believes.
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white men have screwed up america. they need to get out of power replaced by minorities and women. a few years ago i wrote "culture warrior ." i predicted what's happening now, that the left-wing media would promote minority candidates and causes because they despise the white men power structure. one aside, americans should always support the best, most honest candidates, no matter what color they are. in her "white man's last stand" column, maureen dowd writes, quote, -- bill: well, that may come as a shock to clarence thomas and ruth bader ginsburg, and didn't president obama want to appoint harriet miers to the supreme court? last i looked, she is not a white man. here is what miss dowd wrote about miss miers --
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bill: so it sounds like miss dowd has a problem with nonliberal women as well as with white men. she writes today -- bill: so the hits just keep on coming. white men are bad, conservative women are stupid, and country music should not be heard in the supreme court, or something. i hope everybody reads maureen dowd's entire column which i posted on it clearly demonstrates what the left wing media is doing. marginalizing all with whom they disagree and demonizing entire groups they see as evil or dumb. white men, conservative women, country music fans. are we going to take this? this is a memo. for the top story tonight, reaction, with us, our barack and a hard place team, fox news analyst monica crowley, and that evil white man, alan
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colmes. >> you got me. bill: white man's last stand. >> you accuse them of demonizing an entire group of people. didn't you demonize an entire group of people by saying the left-wing media? you just did exactly what you accused her of doing. bill: no, i backed it up. >> the whole left-wing media, everybody. bill: i backed it up. >> also harriet miers was pushed aside by republicans, people like sam brownback, lindsey graham. bill: now, wait, colmes. >> the same take as conservatives who said she was not qualified. bill: white man's last stand. ok. what if "the new york times" had printed "black man take a hike"? >> that's not what -- bill: oh! >> wait a second. that's not analogous. >> what you're saying is so
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ridiculous. that's not what they said. bill: did you see the reaction? >> because it's such a ridiculous analogy, that it's not what the times said conversely at all. >> he is so busted. a wise white woman with the richness of my experiences, i will come to a better judgment than the white guy alan colmes. bill: you're still stupid because you like palin pln. according to maureen dowd, you're a dummy. >> you know what, sarah palin -- this piece by maureen dowd was not only racist, it was sexist. she went after sarah palin and she continues to do so. this is not the first time. in the most disgusting, revolting way. i found that women have attacked sarah palin even more intensely and viciously than men have. when you read maureen dowd's piece today, what comes across is that, you know what? given the politically correct multicultural environment in america today, the most radical thing president obama could have done is nominate a white guy to the court. because we are no longer a mayor stock reacy. -- we are no longer a
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meritocracy. look at coloring box. what color crayon are we missing? we're missing a woman. we're missing an hispanic. bill: it might be true that sonia sotomayor is qualified to be a supreme court justice. it doesn't matter that she is a latina. look, she has done pretty well in the hearings today. i didn't see anything that would make me vote against her in the hearings, did you? >> here's the question. sonia sotomayor in the past based on her speeches and in her rulings -- bill: but just in the last couple of days. >> is a liberal judicial activist. what she is done in the hearings is cloak all of that to make it look like she is an originalist and a strict constructionist which she clearly is not. bill: colmes, you have to admit there is a race factor involved in the confirmation hearing of a potential supreme court justice. >> clarence thomas was chosen to fill thurgood marshall's seat, not because he was the most qualified person but because he was african-american. bill: how do you know that? >> do you think clarence thomas was the most qualified person at the time he was chosen by bush?
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>> clarence thomas is a brilliant jurist. >> you have that opinion. not everybody has that opinion. by the way, she is upholding court precedent. in the ricci case, she upheld court precedent. it was the supreme court that overturned court precedent. it's kind of contradictory to say oh, my god. she would be called an activist judge if she did anything else. bill: the crux of this matter, crowley, is this -- there is a strategy on the part of the left-wing media that colmes denies exists, ok? to say listen, white men have screwed up america. the reason we're in bad shape is because of white guys. we need to throw the white guys out and get anybody else. that's what's going on here. >> exactly right. and you know what maureen dowd's column reflects? it's exactly that. it's called white guilt. it's about 233 years of white domination in america. so now white people like maureen dowd feel you have got to throw them out, you have to give everybody else a chance. bill: colmes, you want them out
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of there, too. you want the white guys out of there. >> i want the best people to be chosen for the courts. this love fest you two have, i didn't hear maureen dowd go against sandra day o'connor. i never hear her say just because somebody is confederate, it doesn't mean maureen dowd is against her. harriet miers and sarah palin are often renounced by the right who feel they are not qualified for the jobs they have. bill: is it ok with you the headline "white man's last stand"? is that ok? >> first of all, maureen dowd does not write the headlines. it's a "new york times" editor that does that. yes, it's a provocative headline. bill: you as an editor would have written that? >> it's gotten you to do a segment on it. bill: say you object to al sharpton or jesse jackson or one of those guys, louis farrakhan, would you then write a headline "black guys take a hike"? >> probably not because there is a double standard. that's because there has always been a white power structure. when you're a disempowered group, when you're a member of a group that has not often had the power.
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bill: it's ok to be prejudiced. >> it's a different paradigm if you're the group. if you're called by gordon liddy -- bill: that's why we love you because you're honest. it's ok to be racist because of things that happened in the past. >> gordon liddy says about striker i hope she is not menstruating when they have conferences. this is the way minority groups are treated in this country. >> there is a huge double standard in this country. you couldn't get away with that black man headline, alan, and you know it. >> there has never been an hispanic on the court. out of all the justices, only four have not been white men. bill: there has no, sir been an australian on the court. >> it's ridiculous. bill: australian extraction. australian american. >> you go into that, o'reilly. bill: all right, monica. >> his new book is looking out for australians. i like that. bill: next, while everyday americans will pay more if cap and trade becomes law, big companies like goldman sachs will profit dramatically while
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paying very little or no tax. we'll have a follow-up. lalalalalalalalala5 ú
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corporations like goldman sachs will make hundreds of millions of dollars if cap and trade passes. last year, goldman sachs paid zero income tax to the federal government, nothing. that means they did not help out in national defense, health care, or anything else. in the last quarter, while most american companies suffered, goldman sachs made a record $3.5 billion in atrocity. largely because it was deeply involved in oil speculation, driving the price of gas up once again for all of us. this goldman outfit is quite something. of course, all this is happening on president obama's watch. is this change we can believe in? with us now fox business correspondent terry keenan, from washington, and tobin smith. the cap and trade con is ridiculous because india, china, mexico, and others are not going to participate. even if we do cap and trade all day long, it's not going to matter to global warming. at the same time, goldman sachs, al gore, and others are going to make hundreds of millions of dollars. >> it's going to kill our competitiveness in the
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international arena. goldman sachs will probably make boat loads more of money because that's what they do. they find markets, they trade them. bill: they have 10% of the brokeage that's going to make all the deals in the cap and trade. they own 10% of it. >> their lobbying arm would put the tobacco companies to shame. they would make a market in popsicle sticks if the obama administration was going to do that. bill: it's the ability to contribute to the welfare of the united states of america. we have a big health care thing in play. it's got to be paid for. goldman sachs not paying any taxes. >> they are not in that business. they will pay taxes this year. if anyone could legally game the u.s. tax code, it's going to be goldman sachs because companies hire them to do that for them. bill: they know how to do it. they move it around the world. tobin, are you opposed to my point of view or what? where do you stand on this? >> well, i just think you're being selective, bill. number one, i would look at the taxes they paid from 2000 to 2007. a substantial number above all
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corporations. remember, fortune 500 corporations. if this is the only one, bill, i would say i would be with you. bill: it doesn't justify bad behavior by pointing to other bad behavior. this is an egregious situation because they are involved in oil speculation that hurts the folks. they are involved in cap and trade. that hurts the folks. they are not kicking in for the health care morass we're in. come on, tobin. you have to make an example of the big boy. this is the big boy. >> terry said it well. this is an investment bank. their business is making money from their investments, number one. number two, if you look at the taxes that the individuals at goldman sachs paid over that time -- bill: that doesn't make any difference. i have a corporation and my people pay taxes and so does my corporation. i don't try to dodge it by going to other countries like goldman sachs does. but the bigger question, tobin, is this is all happening on obama's watch. i expect this from republicans. that's what republicans do.
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but obama goes in, says look, i'm going to watch these bandits, i'm going to clean it up. it's worse under obama than it was under bush. is it not? >> i'm all there with you, bill. but when you look at the way that we set up this tax code, both republicans and democrats, hey, if i was given the opportunity to evade taxes the way that corporations in america can, why blame them? why not blame the people who make the rules? bill: because i could dodge it. i could set up a shell corporation in bermuda and i don't. because i pay for america's defense and i pay for the other stuff. >> you're a better american than goldman sachs? bill: i think goldman sachs are swine for doing it. >> maybe you need a new tax advisor. bill: i know what the tax law is and i could do it but i don't do it because i'm not a greed head, get it? >> so goldman sachs -- >> goldman has plenty of
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operations overseas. they are not bringing that money back to the u.s. that's why they are not paying taxes on that money. they can make so much money legally -- bill: not enough. it's never enough. that's why we got into this crash. that's why the mortgage-backed securities and everything else. it's never enough. >> from what i hear, they have been making lots of money this quarter by betting against the u.s. housing market. i talked to a trader there, very negative. bill: they drove up the oil prices since january. >> the worst thing is that we, the taxpayer, backed $22 billion in money, in debt, that goldman sachs -- bill: obama did it. >> it happened actually at the end of the bush administration with hank paulson who was the former head of goldman who was running the treasury. bill: obama could have stopped it. you see, look, i'm getting tired of president obama saying that he is for the little guy when he isn't for the little guy. cap and trade is going to hurt the little guy. goldman sachs is hurting the little guy. all right. tobin, i will give you the last word. go ahead. go. >> your point that the little
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guy is being hurt by goldman sachs. i would just offer that the little guy who has a pension, an i.r.a., a 401-k who owns goldman sachs stock wants them to be profitable. you're saying you want them to be less profitable so that the investments of americans will be less. bill, that doesn't make sense. bill: of course, the truck drivers and the carpenters and the painters, they are all getting goldman sachs stock. all right, tobin, there you go. you look snappy today. expensive clothing, tobin, i like it. directly ahead, california authorities now investigating michael jackson's death as a possible murder. we'll tell you what's going on there. and dennis miller has some thoughts on jackson and governor palin's resignation. (announcer) it is the most advanced automobile we have ever created.
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bill: in the impact segment tonight, california authorities saying michael jackson's death may have been a homicide and are looking at a number of jackson's doctors as suspects. underlying all this, of course, is the singer's use of narcotics. you may remember that in the death of yalkt -- of anna nicole smith, two of her doctors have been charged with conspiring to provide prescription drugs. they have pleaded not guilty. they are due in court next month to decide if there is enough evidence for a trial. joining us from los angeles with the latest on the michael jackson investigation, the head of the tmz operation, harvey levin. you are not surprised that these doctors are under suspicion. everybody knew jackson was taking all these drugs, heavy-duty stuff. how much risk do you think there is to the doctors? >> i think there is a lot of risk. we are told and we have multiple law enforcement sources on this that the lapd is treating this as a homicide right now and have actually been for a little while now. it is pointing, they feel, to
11:23 pm
dr. conrad murray, the doctor who was at the house for all sorts of reasons, bill. there were drugs found in there. propofol which they believe is this anesthesia which is going to probably turn out to be the primary cause of michael jackson's death should never have been administered at his home. it's all pointing to him at least in terms of administering it, but they are already talking to the district attorney. there could be a heap of trouble here for the doctor. bill: ok. now, the coroner already knows what killed jackson, but he hasn't made it public. when do you think that's going to happen and do you have any inside dope on that, pardon the pun? >> i will pardon it. what i know is they are saying they will announce it next week. what i can tell you is that some of the tests are in and, frankly, the important ones are in. and again, what we are hearing on the inside from everywhere in this is that this drug protofollow will become the primary cause of michael jackson's death.
11:24 pm
bill: you are going to predict, harvey, on "the factor" that the coroner's report will say jackson died from an accidental overdose of narcotics, a lot like heath ledger? >> well, that's an interesting question. that's what they are -- i believe that's what they are going to say. whether they make that part public or not, i can't tell you because there are times, bill, when it's a criminal investigation, if it turns into that, that they will simply say homicide as cause of death and not give the underlying facts if the lapd wants to keep all of its secrets. bill: you will get it, harvey. you're all over this. you will get it. >> we're already hearing that it's protofollow. bill: ok. now, 1984, "us" magazine has uncovered some video. we want to credit them, of a horrendous occurrence involving michael jackson. roll the tape here, making a pepsi commercial. his hair gets on fire. he doesn't even know it. right now he is still doing his dance.
11:25 pm
and bang, look at that. that is just an amazing situation. here they come in to put the fire out on his head. some of jackson's people said the singer was never the same after that, and that caused a lot of his neurosis. what do you think? >> i think that's true. we have heard the same thing throughout the years, that he was in a burn ward, he was seriously, seriously hurt by this fire. you can see it from the video, bill. and ultimately ended up in the betty ford clinic because he was addicted to painkillers at the time. what we're hearing from everybody is that's what really started this downhill spiral of drug addiction and michael jackson became really, really dependent, and doctors, various doctors were more than happy to accommodate that addiction. bill: it was no doubt at his child molestation trial in which he was acquitted he was stoned. i mean, you could see it when he walked in, he danced on top
11:26 pm
of a car, he was dazed and confused. he was on something. now, when you investigate stuff like this out in los angeles, it's a different culture. it's almost a mania about this story. a lot of money changing hands. people buying interviews. i think cbs bought one, or abc, one of them. they say they buy video and this and that. you guys do that, too, right? do you buy information? >> we won't buy interviews. i mean, i think that's -- look, if you buy a picture, bill, you buy a photo, it's an objective thing. the photo doesn't change whether you paid for it or not. everybody pays for video. i mean, if there is a fire and you guys have a stringer out there that shoots a fire. bill: we pay the stringer, absolutely. >> and there is nothing wrong with it. the problem, bill, is when you buy an interview. when you say to somebody, gee, we'll give you $100,000 if you tell us a really good story, you can't judge the credibility of the story because the person
11:27 pm
is trying to please you and make the money. bill: but they don't do that. they say give us a little home video, we'll pay $100,000 for the video. then you will come on and say whatever you want to say. >> that's the dishonesty. that's the dishonesty about all of this, is that it's almost like daniel sagretti and money laundering. they know what it really is they are buying. they are trying to kind of funnel it around it. but the bottom line is that the interviewee knows and the network knows that really what people are -- what they are buying is the interview, and you can't really vouch for the credibility of it. you can say well, it's actually for the high school picture, but everybody knows that's not the case, and it really becomes dishonest. bill: all right. keep us posted on this homicide aspect. this is an interesting thing on this jackson case. harvey, thanks very much. plenty more ahead as "the factor" moves along. the bizarre murder of a florida couple with 17 children gets even more strange. we'll have the latest. dennis miller back from vacation has some thoughts on judge sotomayor.
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bill: a strange and brutal murder of melanie and bird billings is getting even more bizarre. the couple who had 17 children, most of them special needs adopted kids, were shot to death in their florida panhandle home last week. nine of the children were home at the time of the murders. so far, police have arrested seven suspects. all are being charged with first-degree murder in
11:31 pm
addition. a person of interest in the case, a woman named pamela long, the landlord of the accused ringleader in the plot, is now being questioned by authorities. joining us from jacksonville, florida, t.j. hart, program director for wsky talk radio. i think what all americans want to know is what's behind this? it doesn't make sense for seven, possibly eight, people to be involved in a home invasion robbery. that never happens. it's too many people that could talk or somebody could make a mistake. home invasions are usually one or two, outside three. do you know what's going on here? >> you're absolutely right. in a home invasion, it's usually one, two, or three, it's lightning fast, it's over with. in this case, it is still a mystery. they did make off with the safe, so robbery is one of the motives. however, this family is very well known in town. they are known to have money, as the family has also run some businesses throughout the community, too. we also understand that a few of the suspects have spent some time on that property,
11:32 pm
especially one in particular, and the woman that was just brought in is a real estate agent who was also a person who had properties right near the home as well. it's still a mystery to law enforcement at this time what the other motive might have been other than home invasion and robbery. bill: i don't know if it's a mystery to them, but they are certainly not saying what it is. they have confessions from some of these people, i understand. it's very unusual to charge seven individuals with first-degree murder because in order to do that, it has to be a premeditated crime in the sense that all seven of them would have had to say we're going to go into this house, we're not only going to take the safe but we're going to kill the couple, we're going to shoot them down. that's premeditated first degree, and then we're going to get away. if you go in just to get the safe and things go wrong, there maybe the shooter gets charged with first-degree murder, whatever, but not all seven. and you made an interesting comment. you said they were very prominent in the community,
11:33 pm
high-profile people. do you know of any people that had grudges against them? could there be anything other than money involved here? >> well, bill, in cases like this, in beulah, it's not that big of a town. until recently, they really had one stoplight, and that was about it. so you have a person who is in charge of a lot of businesses. some of these businesses had to do with financing as well. so that may be a tie that may come to light a little bit later on. but you're looking at some guys who practiced this for 30 days. they practiced this for 30 days, so it was clear that they were going in for something. definitely, the safe was one of those things. whether or not the actual kill was going to take place, it stands to reason that it probably may have, so we're going to have to wait to see how this plays out. bill: it's a risk for the prosecutor to bring first degree because if you get acquitted on that, it's an easier deal to do lesser charges and get a conviction. the word around town about the couple, were they a well
11:34 pm
respected couple? i mean, it's pretty unusual to have 17 children. i know they were wealthy. but boy, that's -- and nine of them home at the time of the murder. one of them called 911. that's how police got onto it. but you invade a home with nine children in there? you see, it just doesn't add up. >> that's very callous. it's very callous and very cold. hopefully when we get to what the other motive is, i think it's going to astonish a lot of people. there could be some jealousy there, and there could be some other family type ties that may play into this, but none have surfaced as to this point. bill: it's almost like a crime novel because i think there is more to this story than just a simple heist of a safe inside the home. it is an inside job. we know they tried to cut the security and all that. go ahead. >> this didn't go as well as planned because they were supposed to have another person who was supposed to take care of the surveillance and the security and make sure that
11:35 pm
that was taken down. that person didn't show up. was it an act of conscience? we don't know. that person is still on the lam. bill: thanks very much. we appreciate it. when we come right back, dennis miller has been on vacation, but he's back and he is loquacious, so watch out. 4l you're the colon lady!
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bill: thanks for staying with us. in the miller time segment tonight, the debunker of drivel has been on vacation in japan so he has a lot of pentup commentary in him. here now the miller man from los angeles. how did they handle the michael jackson story in the land of the rising sun, miller? >> it's nice to be back with you, officer o'reilly. i missed you. dare i say, the japanese reaction was inscrutable. i didn't notice much reaction at all. i was on the bullet train from tokyo to kyoto the day it happened. by the way, can i tell you i have never seen more smokestacks belching out white plumes of smoke than i do right outside kyoto. i don't know what the hell that whole protocol thing is about. but i didn't notice any reaction over there. it seemed pretty nonplused. the only coverage i saw was at night. the only thing i got in the hotel room was larry king. for some reason in tokyo, larry looks asian. but that's what i was watching.
11:39 pm
bill: maybe it's the time difference. >> i didn't see much. bill: so with cnn driving the coverage, it wasn't like the japanese out there -- because jackson was popular in japan. i mean, he did well there. but the -- >> well, listen, jerry lewis is big in france. do you think they are going to shut the champs elysees down the day he buys it? bill: now, you weren't surprised by jackson's demise, were you? >> it's a pretty simple equation, billy. great entertainer, oddest of all possible ducks. at worst, a violator of innocence. at best, grotesquely inappropriate with children. and at the end of the day, you can only put so many drugs into that frail a vessel. i view michael jackson like a tennessee williams heroine, blanch dubois if she could moon walk. it's inevitable. i'm sometimes surprised he made it to 50.
11:40 pm
bill: while you were gone, we had al stharpt on here. -- al sharpton here. they were trying to make michael jackson out to be a black icon. if you listen to some of the commentators, he was another martin luther king jr., a pioneer of racial harmony, of advancement for black americans. and i was saying this is a bunch of bull. what do you think about that? >> listen, i think of people like martin luther king and rosa parks staring down the gun barrel practically. and i -- i don't have a particular ax to grind with jackson. i don't know all of his secrets. i just am not going to do a disservice to them and ascribe that sort of nobility to what he did. he had a lot handed to him, too. i'm sure it was a weird life in a lot of ways. i don't know that it involved this much courage as that little woman sitting in the front of a bus. bill: i'm with you. there is an interesting -- there is a good piece in "the
11:41 pm
wall street journal" about exactly what you're saying today by a record industry guy. ok. now, you weren't in russia, which you can see from sarah palin's house, but japan is fairly close to alaska, and then she resigns. did anybody in japan care about sarah palin getting out of there, and what did you think about it? >> i'm glad palin's out. i think politics are pretty fete i.d. cesspool. -- are a pretty fetid cesspool. she was up against a nervous breakdown. they can say whatever you want about you better get thick skin in politics. do you think barack obama -- how did he interact? did anybody remember the sound bite where she pointed out he had big ears a few years ago. how touchy would i have been if he had to face what that woman faced in the last 11 months. if she jumps right back in and runs for something. i'm with the michael j. fox school with "family ties."
11:42 pm
you finish the job. if she comes right back into another job, i will think that's a little weird, i didn't expect that from her. as far as getting out, i'm happy for her. i hope she makes a buck, sells a book and stays out for a while. because the hand that she was dealt was crap. bill: ok. now, there is a movement in the press, and we talked about it a little bit in the talking points memo. to tell -- to say to the american public, look, the smart republicans think she is an idiot. it's the dumb republicans, of course, led bioriley who like her. that has been the theme in the united states. you might have missed that since she resigned. what say you? >> i don't know. i hear that all the time with anybody from the right side. you know, reagan at one point you were called a yahoo if you got behind him. listen, bill, i think i found a thing for "factor" gear. my compliments to the chef for
11:43 pm
the money you're giving to charity, wounded warriors, off that store. you ought to come out with a shirt that says yahoo and proud of it. if i ever find myself in life hating people like sarah palin, i'm going to look inward as opposed to at her. that tells me much more about the hater than the hatee. bill: absolutely. >> i don't want to hate anybody. i don't think palin is a particularly evil woman, but the kicks they put on on here were so vile, some of these detractors are going to be buried in unmarked graves, it's so vile. bill: i have studied sarah palin's life. i have never seen her do anything evil. i have never seen her do anything bad. "vanity fair" tried to kick up some garbage. they had nothing. >> do i think she is margaret thatcher? no, i don't, but i think she is a good dame. i think she made a much tougher call than any of us after that amnio for five months where they tell you the kid has down syndrome and you go ahead. i think she has good stuff. you know what? people when they say i hate
11:44 pm
her, i go really, you can summon up hate for her? bill: it's pretty pathetic, it is. sotomayor, another good woman, i think. i think she is a good woman. what do you think about her performance? >> she is going to make it through. well, listen, i hate watching those things. i think they are saddening because i think it points out how stilted our political system is. that q and a is such a brain-dead samba. i haven't seen choreography that stiff since the lee harvey oswald prison transfer. i will tell you this, i think the republicans misplayed this. this is a tradeout for souter who was bush 41's gack. this was a lateral move on the flow chart, liberal for liberal. they should have got so behind this woman right off the bat, you have got to save the powder for the stevens thing. it's going to be 4-4. the stevens' seat is the one you have to save the powder for. i think they are misplaying this. i would have got so behind her.
11:45 pm
i would have said, listen, after they shot down our hispanic, miguel estrada because they didn't care about him, we're happy they are putting an hispanic in. god bless her. then the hispanic community is going maybe i am going to vote for them in 2010. bill: all right. did larry king really look asian over there in japan? >> larry king always looks asian to me, baby, but so do you. bill: dennis miller, everybody, always seeing 20/20. up next, are they going completely crazy in england? the government has a new sex program for children. wait until you hear this moments away. i have to climb stairs 20-30 times a day. now joint comfort is easier with new triple flex liquid softgels. the first liquid softgel joint supplement formulated to work in as little as 7 days. learn more at nature made. fuel your greatness.
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11:48 pm
bill: back of the book segment tonight, a preview of what might be coming to the u.s.a. from our cousins in england. the national health service there recently put out a pamphlet advising young english
11:49 pm
children to have sex. let me repeat. the government of england wants school children to have good sex lives. as part of that pamphlet, the government says that frequent sex is healthy, kind of like eating vegetables. joining us now, neil sean, a reporting for "the u.k. metro." so are you guys going crazy over there? what's this all about? >> let me explain, bill, on a rather serious note. the pamphlet was aimed at traditionally the north of england, a town called sheffield where they have a very high teenaged pregnancy rate. this was filtered out by that particular county. what it's actually advocating is that rather than children or teenagers going out and have sex, it's advocating the fact that actually perhaps it could sustain by masturbation. and this is where it gets rather shocking. the down side of it is that the government just put the pamphlet out, doesn't bother actually giving it out, say, to children. gave it to teachers to give it out. and everybody involved, the
11:50 pm
parents. that's why it's caused outrage. bill: i got it. so dr. joycelyn elders who used to be a government official here in the united states did the same thing years back, about 14 years ago. she had to resign. she had to resign. basically telling kids don't procreate, do other things. the problem comes, the problem comes in the secular view that has been now put off at york university in toronto, canada, that children have sexual rights, that they have the right to do whatever adults do, no matter what age they are. now, surely the british government isn't promoting that. >> what's different over here, bill, is the fact that we're living in a society, possibly like in the united states where children are radically growing up faster. you see provocative images, kids driving around so you can buy her clothing for 8-year-olds.
11:51 pm
of course, children are far more aware at a far younger age. over here, a recent study claimed that as young as 7 and 8 years old for girls and boys. that's a phenomenally young age. i think what they are trying to do is self-educate children on the one hand by saying you don't have to enter into a full sexual relationship. what you would do here is an option. bill: we have the same problem in america that children when they are 7 or 8 years old know everything. they used to be 11 or 13. it's dropped. what has the reaction been in the -- you see, i'm not sure -- when i lived in england, decades ago, it was a fairly conservative social society. now it's changed. what has the reaction been there? >> nothing much has changed, bill, let me tell you. this has shocked the nation as it were. it hasn't gone down well at all. i think it's more of the way they are sort of they put the pamphlet out. we didn't see it coming. nobody really was sort of aware of it. suddenly it got picked up by
11:52 pm
the press. the one thing that has turned around in a benefit from the point of the united states is that your purity rings have now been picked up as a symbol of hope. that's all thanks to people like, of course, the jonas brothers and the pop star jordan sparks. people go oh, this is a good idea. bill: the abstinence movement is now catching on. we appreciate that. pinheads and patriots on deck. pinheads and patriots on deck. starring al sharpton. "what do you mean homeowners insurance doesn't cover floods?" "a few inches of water caused all this?" "but i don't even live near the water." what you don't know about flood insurance may shock you. including the fact that a preferred risk policy starts as low as $119 a year. for an agent, call the number on your screen.
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compounds booked just passed 1 million copies. you get a nice discount. you get mugs and all the other stuff.
11:56 pm
i do not care if you believe in global warming or not. the administration says of that budget the past week, the warhead -- the earth has warmed three times faster than earlier. it has increased one degree. that is in stone, no legitimate debate about it. science differs about what is causing global warming. i am letting others sorted out.
11:57 pm
some scientists say an overload of infrared radiation in the earth's atmosphere is causing this making the air hotter. some people do not believe that. again, it has been proven that excess of carbon dioxide harm's see life -- harms sea life. that is not good. i want to clean this planet possible. one person has this to say.
11:58 pm
my corporation pays a big bill on profits at the end of the year. i don't look for loopholes because i believe i have an obligation to help defend the country and help the poor when i make money. that's -- that separates me from goldman sachs. andrew vacaro, cap-and-trade here may very well fail in the senate. i think it's a scam as well. jim darlington, i canceled my subscription to "newsweek." i felt the magazine had become dems week. brandon, bill, i was disappointed, you said "newsweek" would go under and were happy about it. people lose their jobs. that's a valid point. i'm not happy about the news yankee situation but it a dishonest -- about the "newsweek" situation but it's a dishonest publication and that hurts all americans. "i read that "newsweek" is for sale." thacebess week.
11:59 pm
my next book is called "pinheads and patriots." big obama component in that book. and how about for the website? rilely. and name and town if you wish to opine and we have a great word. this is a tremendous word tonight. when writing to us do not be a quakebut ok. i never heard that word until i found it. it's a real word so go out tonight and if somebody is mean to you, they do not -- do not be a quakebut ok and walk away knowing that they have no idea what you just said. "the factor" continues on


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